OOTD: Independence Day

OOTD: Independence Day

Today was spent with family and a couple great friends. We grilled and swam in our backyard pool. My sister Penny and I coordinated our outfits to be extra-festive today. We were fabulous on the Fourth!

Shirt: Goodwill (Originally Quizz) $3.49
Shorts: Goodwill Outlet (Originally Chic) $2
Bandana: Garage sale $0.25
Total: $5.74
(my shorts were made in the USA, how appropriate!)

Dress: Goodwill (Originally French Connection) $4.99
Bandana: Stolen from ex-boyfriend……$0
Total: $4.99


Penny found quite the great deal on her dress…..after some googling, it looks like her dress cost $138 at original retail price. The price she paid is about 96% off! I’m jealous. I found the dress, but it looked WAY better on her, so I begrudgingly let her buy it…..haha! Penny and I love thrift shopping together. Our tastes and our sizes are similar enough that we can share some things, but different enough that we don’t fight over the items we find….usually.



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