Try-on Haul: Goodwill Outlet & Dirt Cheap

Try-on Haul: Goodwill Outlet & Dirt Cheap

Last weekend, I went thrifting with my best friend and queen of the thrift store, Molly. Here she is in her natural habitat: Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

(This isn’t the thrift store we visited, but it’s too good of a picture not to share)

We found some really great deals and probably bought more than we should have. But isn’t that the best kind of thrifting trip?

Everything pictured is from the Goodwill Outlet, except for the daisy top, thermos, denim headband, and Birkenstocks. Those came from Dirt Cheap, which is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine!

Here’s how I might style some of the items I found.

Daisy top ($2) and Birkenstocks-style sandals ($6). I kind of hate myself for loving these. They’re in the “so ugly they’re cute” category, I think. All I know is, my feet will be extra comfy.

I almost fought a lady for this weird bag ($2). I picked it up and was on the fence. I mean, it’s kind of crazy, I didn’t know if I would get a lot of use out of it. And she was pestering me, saying “are you going to get that? You should give to me. If you don’t want it, come find me. Hey, I’m about to check out, did you decide about that bag yet?”
Well, I bought it, and wore it to Festival International. I hope she saw me there and was jealous.

This tank top ($2) is from Paper Crane, which is a pretty expensive brand. I just love the delicate eyelash lace, but I’m afraid that it could get ruined if I tuck it into my shorts all day :(

Striped crop top ($2) and denim headband ($2). I think this works better wrapped around my bun than as an actual headband. Without some serious grippy material on the inside, headbands fall straight off my head. Am I the only one with this problem?

Just a cozy long sweater ($2). It’s really soft and seems barely worn. Of course, I had been looking for a long sweater like this a few weeks ago. I caved and bought one full price at the mall, right before I found this gem. Isn’t that how it always goes? I’m not too mad though. You can never have too many sweaters.

Such a cute dress, but SO short ($2). Remind me never to bend down, k? I feel like I should be going to a tea party or a baby shower or something.

This zigzag dress ($2) was too large in the waist so I ended up belting it with this black skinny belt ($2).

Molly found this velvet shirt for me! It’s kinda weird and dated, but I just love a good velvet for the holidays. I think it can work tucked into a pencil skirt with a pretty necklace.

As always, happy thrifting.


Haul: My fashion taste is becoming……questionable

Haul: My fashion taste is becoming……questionable

Long time no blog post!

Today I went into the Salvation Army. I wanted to get some good thrift shopping done while I’m here at school, because I go home for my summer vacation tomorrow. Unfortunately, my hometown is severely lacking in thrift stores!

Every summer I have been taking on progressively harder puzzles. First it was 3000 pieces, last summer it was 5000 pieces. When you’re putting together so many pieces, you want a high quality puzzle or else you may get frustrated! I always buy my very large puzzles from Ravensburger. This Ravensburger puzzle is only 500 pieces, but for $2.99 I couldn’t pass it up–it’s still sealed up in the original wrapping so I know it’s not missing any pieces!

Bonus pics!
My 3000 piece puzzle:
And my 5000 piece puzzle:

Next I found this cute little bowl for only 89 cents. I plan on tossing my rings and pins in it. It has the signs of the Zodiac around the edges.

Now here’s where the questionable fashion comes into the picture. I’ve been buying these t-shirts that are just “so ugly they’re cute,” or at least that’s what I’ve been saying. Maybe I’ll cut some into crop tops to make them slightly more fashionable. But just look at those baby alligators on this shirt….they’re too precious! And those geometric triangles and rectangles? Those are totally in style right now! …..Okay, nothing I say can defend this shirt. It’s ugly. But I like it anyway!

Last week, I went to Goodwill just to quickly grab a book (I needed it for an art project and was going to cut it up and paint it anyway) and LO AND BEHOLD, on the edge of the rack, just waiting to be taken to a good home, was this majestic wolf shirt. I’m not even going to defend this one.

**EDIT** I lied, it was actually a 5000 piece puzzle, not 6000, oops! :P

Birthday thrift shopping haul

Birthday thrift shopping haul

Sunday the 14th was my birthday. So what did I do? My favorite thing…..THRIFT SHOPPING! Haha!

I’m so glad I got to see my parents and my brother Phillip that day. They even found some good deals too!

This striped top will be a good staple – $2

This dress is so Tropicana, I cannot wait to wear it! – $2

Okay, I actually bought this one as a present for my friend Beth. It screamed her name! – $2

I was so charmed by this graphic! Maybe I’ll cut it up to make the fit less boxy. – $2

Now this doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but….

Super cute when on! – $2
IMG_0187 copy

Then sometimes you find something so bizarre that you just can’t pass it up. I’m sure I’ll find a use for this Batman costume….eventually. – $2

Goodwill shopping with Sean (and OOTD)

Goodwill shopping with Sean (and OOTD)

Hello everyone!

Today I had a Goodwill date with the best thrifting partner I know, Sean. My mission was to buy some tank tops/muscle shirts for spring and summer. Sean didn’t have anything in mind but he came across a very cool (faux) leather jacket for only $5.99! I need to stop bringing him along because he finds pieces that I wish I had found. Jealousy…lol.

First, here is what I wore, or my Outfit Of The Day (OOTD:


Shirt: Goodwill (originally Gap) – $2

Sweater: Goodwill (Originally Rue 21) – $2.99

Leggings: Forever 21 – $6

Boots: Goodwill (Originally X-Appeal) – $6

Purse: Goodwill (Originally Nine West) – $16

Ring: eBay, wholesale from Hong Kong – $.99

Necklace: Forever21 – $6?

Total: $39.98

Our first stop was the “Goodwill Pound Store” where everything was sold for $1.49 a pound. I KNOW RIGHT. Here is what I got:


A basic teal long-sleeved shirt.


A summery tank top, just what I was looking for


And this itty bitty excuse for a pair of shorts….I don’t plan on wearing these in public, but I needed something like this to wear over a swimsuit : P

And the very best part? All three of these totaled in at 89 CENTS .


Next to the Pound Store, there is a classy yet pricier Goodwill.


Sandals $3


Sandals $3


Tank top $2.99


Tank top $2.99


Dress $2.99 (I think it was supposed to be $5.99, but she charged it as a shirt. I didn’t realize til afterwards! Oops and yay at the same time)

The last place we decided to stop at was Hand Up Thrift (or the HUT…get it?) Thanks Connor for suggesting it just earlier this morning!


Two puzzles… times

A huge THANKS to anyone who’s still reading this far! This is my first blog post ever, so I’m definitely still learning. I hope this helps me become a better writer, photographer, and (of course) bargain shopper.