OOTD: Independence Day

OOTD: Independence Day

Today was spent with family and a couple great friends. We grilled and swam in our backyard pool. My sister Penny and I coordinated our outfits to be extra-festive today. We were fabulous on the Fourth!

Shirt: Goodwill (Originally Quizz) $3.49
Shorts: Goodwill Outlet (Originally Chic) $2
Bandana: Garage sale $0.25
Total: $5.74
(my shorts were made in the USA, how appropriate!)

Dress: Goodwill (Originally French Connection) $4.99
Bandana: Stolen from ex-boyfriend……$0
Total: $4.99


Penny found quite the great deal on her dress…..after some googling, it looks like her dress cost $138 at original retail price. The price she paid is about 96% off! I’m jealous. I found the dress, but it looked WAY better on her, so I begrudgingly let her buy it…..haha! Penny and I love thrift shopping together. Our tastes and our sizes are similar enough that we can share some things, but different enough that we don’t fight over the items we find….usually.


Thrifted OOTD: “Mom Shorts”

Thrifted OOTD: “Mom Shorts”

Wow, the last time I updated was in November! Hopefully I can get back into the groove of posting more often. I’m trying to learn how to take good pictures of myself with a tripod, and it’s harder than I imagined. I think if I had a nicer camera it would be easier…(and by nicer I mean a DSLR instead of an itty bitty point and shoot)…but let’s face it, I’m not going to buy a nicer camera unless I can find one at Goodwill LOL


I just love beaded/sequined sandals. I have quite a few of them now (all thrifted of course!) and they’re a simple way to jazz up an outfit. Much better than flip flops!

Today I tried the “crown twist.” It’s kind of a French rope braid that goes all the way around your head. I’ll need to practice this one a lot more, but I’m happy to say that my slippery hair managed to stay put for quite some time. Usually it slips right out of a braid!

Shorts: Goodwill Outlet (Originally Chic) – $2
Shirt: Goodwill Outlet (Originally Mudd) – $2
Belt: Goodwill (Originally Ann Taylor Loft) – $1.99
Shoes: Goodwill Outlet (Originally Kenneth Cole Reaction) – $2
Necklace: Gift from Dad! – $0
Total: $7.99

Thrifted OOTD: Mother’s Day Biking

Thrifted OOTD: Mother’s Day Biking

For Mother’s Day, my mom wanted to go bike riding. “That’ll be great,” I thought foolishly, “I will look so cute on our fun little day trip!” 20 miles and four hours later….I realized I was wrong.

IMG_0497 copy

Shirt: Garage sale (Originally Heartsoul) – $0.75
Shorts: Garage sale (Originally J. Crew) – $2.00
Belt: Goodwill (No brand) – $1.99
Shoes: Garage sale (Originally Earth Spirit from Walmart) – $2.00
Backpack: Goodwill (No brand) – $2.99
Bird skull necklace: Gift from Dad and Andrea <3 – $0
Total: $9.73

That backpack is SOOOOO 90's, I love it! The 90's are making a comeback in my mind, but I'm not sure that everyone else agrees. This was pretty helpful on the bike trip, it was lightweight and small but could still fit everything I needed.

And this is how the trip ended. It’s quite possible that I died and my spirit is writing this post right now. 20 miles…..it was crazy!!!