Thrifted OOTD: My art show

Thrifted OOTD: My art show

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Friday was the opening of my college’s BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) show. Several of my graphic design pieces were on display!

I love any excuse to dress fancy, so I broke out the velvet. The dress actually has a beautiful open back, but I forgot to photograph it unfortunately.

Dress: Dirt Cheap (Originally Apt. 9) $2.50
Necklace and earring set: Walmart $7.99
Shoes: Goodwill (Originally Alex Marie) $3
Total: $13.49

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My mom, Melissa, and boyfriend, Brandon, are also looking great, but they didn’t get their clothes from Goodwill! :P

Thrifted OOTD: Is that an apron or a skirt?

Thrifted OOTD: Is that an apron or a skirt?

So, I’ve never owned a wrap skirt before. Despite its initial resemblance to an apron, I think it looks pretty good! Especially when paired with these great thrifted boots that make me tall, but not too tall. I’m uncomfortable in high heels, and always feel like I’m going to tip over! Fortunately the 90’s are making a comeback–that means chunky, stable, comfortable heels are in again. Sigh of relief. 




Skirt: Goodwill Outlet (Originally Express) – $2
Shirt: Goodwill (Originally Old Navy) – $2.99
Boots: Goodwill (Originally Michel China) – $5.99
Earrings: Garage sale – $0.75
Necklace: Garage sale – $0.25

Total: $11.98


Closeup of makeup and jewelry.

“Eyeliner wings sharp enough to cut a man” -My sister Penny


Thrifted OOTD: School spirit

Thrifted OOTD: School spirit

I didn’t have any university-branded shirts that were cute or flattering at all, until I found this one at the Salvation Army for $1 yesterday.


Shirt: Salvation Army (Originally Campus Lifestyle) – $1

Cardigan: Salvation Army (Originally Mossimo Supply Co from Target) – $1.99

Pants: Goodwill Outlet (Originaly Noble) – $2

Shoes: Forever 21 – $6

Bandana: Goodwill – $1.99

Total: $12.98

My shoes are so dirty with charcoal from drawing class, aggh!

Thrifted OOTD: The first shorts of the year

Thrifted OOTD: The first shorts of the year

I’m ready for the warm weather! I love shorts and can’t wait to wear them more often. While they’re not as pretty or feminine as a nice dress or skirt, they’re certainly practical.
IMG_5986 copy

Shorts: Garage sale (Originally Abercrombie & Fitch – $2

Shirt: Goodwill (Original brand unknown) – $2.99

Cardigan: Salvation Army (Originally Mossimo Supply Co.) – $1.99

Belt: Forever 21 – A Christmas gift from Marylee….thanks girl! – $0

Purse: Goodwill – $2.99

Shoes: Goodwill pound store (Originally ) – I’m not sure how much these weighed, but I’m going to estimate they were about $1.00

Necklace: Moon Raven Designs – Christmas gift from Dad and Andrea – $0

Total: $10.97

My most inexpensive outfit yet!